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We are a collaborative of pollsters, scholars, researchers and commentators committed to bringing an accurate understanding of African American civic engagement to the public discourse.

The progress we have made on vaccinations so far is impressive. The U.S. can beat back the Delta variant, stop others from emerging and finish what we started, but our research indicates that to do so, we need to shift our thinking and our policies.

- David Blumenthal & Henry Fernandez

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of Black voters believed President Trump ignored the early warning signs of coronavirus.

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of African Americans believe there is an active effort to suppress or stop the vote of Black people and young people.

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of African Americans believe they are less likely than Whites to be offered COVID-19 testing.

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We have done the work to get answers to critical questions related to the most important and effective voting blocs in US elections. Our team has more than 30 years of experience not only collecting and analyzing data but turning it into practical and actionable information.

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